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I agree that the airdam isn't optimal FE-wise. However, I'm finding that it is a really nice thing to have as part of a work-in-progress car.
I will be modifying the airdam further as I continue to work on the car, eventually resulting in it being just a grille block/wheel spoiler type thing.
But for now, while I won't be able to do a full bellypan anytime soon, it's helping to staunch the aero losses.

I like the mini-boattail idea behind the wheels, I may have to work that into my car somehow. I've been thinking of trying sideskirts next, maybe work them into the mix there?

And after re-reading IWillTrys post I think I'll have to look for a new place to do my next round of coastdown testing. It looks like the tests might be more accurate if I start out with a higher top speed, where the areo-drag is more pronounced.
My current testing circuit is a 50mph speed limit, and right next to the Highway patrol headquarters. Probably not wise to speed

basjoos: How did you get your Cd numbers? Any tips?
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