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I think I will put a (somewhat arbitrary) value of $3000 for the car to see if anyone wants to make an offer. I will post it on Craigslist today and I will let it go to the highest offer this coming Wednesday as I have my eye on another car, and my wife won't let me buy the new one until I sell the old one (she mentioned something about the house looking like a used car lot). Something I didn't disclose earlier as it didn't make a difference to me when I bought it (because it drives so well), is it has a salvage title. When I bought it the right fender was new and the hood was a little crunched on the right side. There is no evidence that the accident caused any permanent damage as the car drives like a dream. Everything is tight and no slop anywhere. The old tires were worn evenly when I replaced them, and with my experience of driving it, there are no issues at all. I am assuming that the person who got in the accident, took it to a body shop and the insurance company noted that the car was only worth $1000 and the repair was probably worth that too, so they totaled it. That is the only thing that makes sense.
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