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Originally Posted by Jyden View Post
They should use Nickel Iron batteries. Allmost impossible to kill. Toyota uses some kind of NiI they call Nickel metal hydride (NiMH) in their traction batteries in their Hybrids.
As the carry 10 yo warrenties, it seems they too are pretty tough.

Batteries shouldn't be short lived 2 year things, they should outlast the life of a car!

NiMH is a bit more difficult to manufacture than NiCD.

NiCD is like one of the simplest batteries you can ever make, you slap two plates together, add an insulator, and you're done.

The simpler the construction, the cheaper the cost to manufacture.
And the easier it is to manufacture, and the durability (structural stability) of a batteries raw materials plays a huge part too.

The main reason why car starter batteries don't last so long has a lot to do also with the plate size and thickness of the supporting crossmembers inside of the battery as well as the softness of Lead.

I don't think I have seen a vented lead acid battery die from excessive plate deterioration in more than 10 years, they're all usually sudden internal shorts or failures of the connecting crossmembers.

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