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Different Delivery Driver's problems (SC Buick PA town only advice)

So long story short, mom died so I got a volt because I just started getting into hypermiling, lost it after having to move back from Seattle, traded for a '00 Ford focus for a delivery job I got immediately. Focus died and I was forced to buy another car, cheapest civic nearby was in another town and damaged and priced down to $5900, best deal in town was this Buick Park Avenue for $3600, bought it and trying to manage anything above epa.

So do any of you have any experience with superchargers and eeking out mpg? I fully understand a smaller turbo engine would've been better, I was trying to get a turbo beetle, but that didn't work out. Also have a scangauge and have it mostly calibrated, for a few tanks. Accelerating slow, keeping it closed loop, coasting, keying off long lights, taking shortest or least trafficky routes, and minimizing idling.

I've kept track of actually work miles and gas mileage for those Nils and I'm averaging 23.5 this week with a constant snow/slush setting, I'm betting things will improve in the warmer months, but the engine warms up beautifully and stays sufficiently heated throughout the day.

Also, it's not a pizza delivery job, so I don't actually have a wage, so using as little as possible while hovering around the speed limit is vital. Thanks in advance for any advice!

(Last thread I made ended in "Why don't you just ride a bike?" So I haven't posted in a couple years)

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