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Yeah, but the compensation per delivery averages out to be about $6.40 per hour, so that definitely pays for gas, but were I not using any, like I could with the Volt, it would be pure profit (that's what kills me).

So about superchargers, from what I've found online, they steadily boost throughout the torque band depending on the rpm, so with acceleration in closed loop (it opens so easily, and the Focus never would), what RPM should I be aiming for? I only found out about the open loop thing halfway through this work week because I've never encountered it before, and after, I was very gentle with acceleration (and we had another snow storm) so it hasn't opened since, but I'd like to accelerate at a decent pace once this all clears up so I can keep up with traffic and not get fingered lol. One thing I feel like I've got going for me with this car as opposed to the others I've had, is this one has a much better weight to power ratio, even without the supercharger.

And if anyone's wondering, in terms of the transmission it's not flat towable, there's no DFCO, and neutral yields no benefit because coasting in drive keeps it moving farther at the same GPH.
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