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Originally Posted by Sheikz2 View Post
Yeah, but the compensation per delivery averages out to be about $6.40 per hour, so that definitely pays for gas, but were I not using any, like I could with the Volt, it would be pure profit (that's what kills me).
$6.40/hr for using your own vehicle and gas for deliveries is bonkers

a volt wouldnt really be better though...
according to 2011 Chevrolet Volt Verdict - Motor Trend
the Volts depreciation over 3yrs was (39,995 - 16,797) $23198 divided out by 3yrs, 52 weeks, 40hrs week... you could figure it costs $3.72 an hour in depreciation as a work vehicle

any other job, even with the ridiculously low 5.15 wyoming min. wage would be a better deal
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