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Alright, I get the feeling I'm not very welcome here, I'm going to go back to anon lurking.

But first:

So when I traded in my Volt, I only got a deal of a $10,000 check and an old beat up Focus, so your estimations are rather optimistic.

And the Wyoming minimum wage is $7.50.

And in terms of finding another job, because that's so easy, over 500 people showed up at the local Menards for a part time job, many of which ended up not being able to apply that day because it took so long to get through so many people.

So you precious ecomodders who have the ability to buy and sell and build cars with what seems like chump change to you guys, I wish you all the best of luck, because I, unfortunately, cannot lose another mother and get another few vehicles to throw away.

Maybe I'll just ride a bike? /wrist
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