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OK, back again. I pulled the metro into the garage and went over it with a fine tooth comb, and took a bunch more photos from all sorts of directions. I think I've taken pictures of everything now- the new photos will be uploaded to the photobucket website in another 20 or so minutes.

About the Salvage title- I have no idea why it was a salvage- I can find no evidence of anything more than a small fender bender. I jacked up and crawled under the car, and soon realized that there is no frame! At least the kind of frame I am used to seeing on my pickup trucks. This frame is integrated into the body. Never the less, I crawled all over the place and took a bunch of photos. THERE IS NO FRAME DAMAGE. From everything I can see, the car had a minor fender bender, and for whatever reason, the insurance company must have totalled it. I have no idea why. There is no evidence of any damage other than a small crinkle right by the light mounting. I took a bunch of photos of the site of impact so you can see for yourself there isn't any damage.

I dug out the passenger seat and put it in the car.

Digging around in the glove box I found the original booklets that came with the car, too.

About the "rust", ok, I concede that there is a little rust, but nothing that some steel wool can't take care of. There is no permanent rust damage to any panels at all.

Check out the new photos on the photobucket page: 1994 Geo Metro Photos by sinsky1 | Photobucket
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