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Originally Posted by maxc View Post
In july 1977 Mechanix illustrated magazine. For about 300 usd a Pinto and a VW were modded with nickel pellets heat exchangers made there H2. 50% mileage increase, 1/2 too 1/4 less emissions.
The issue I (personally) always have with this style of (poorly controlled) testing ... is the leap some people make in what (poorly justified) assumption is the cause of the net results.

I've seen resulted as much as ~763% increases.

19 MPG Car #1
164 MPG Car #2

When both Car#1 and Car#2 were both Gen-1 Insight's.

The route and driving methods can have ENORMOUS effects (+ or -).

Thus the importance (to me) of testing under controlled conditions. That or you have to seriously quantify the uncontrolled conditions.

Even more so when the claims are extraordinary ... as the saying goes ... extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

Otherwise ... for me at least ... you just shouldn't (don't have sufficient justification) be making anything but fairly 'conventional' claims.
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