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At some point in impacts and collisions, it doesn't matter what you're driving unless it's a M1 ABRAMS. I've seen at lot of wrecked cars, in the tens of thousands. I've seen some of the most amazing examples of survival in wrecks you could ever believe, including a very good friend who walked away from a 63 VW after a head on with a 67 Pontiac Catalina at a combined 100 MPH. The steering wheel on the VW was pushed through the windshield while the front end crumpled like a tin can. The steering shaft came out of the column almost 3 feet and the wheel was almost a foot above the roof.

I traded him the VW for a 65 Black Lincoln Continental with red leather interior and suicide doors.

I grew old in the industry and retired after 30 years. I've seen cars that would make you puke if you walked within 50 feet of them downwind. The floor was covered with shredded human flesh from a head on at 150 MPH combined (stolen Road Runner).

Went to one auction with 300 wrecked cars. 3 of them were Toyota Land Cruisers, all 3 were rollover, nice trcuk to run inot someone with, but lousy in a corner. Fixed a Jeep with $700 in damage and 3 dead from the accident.

If the US govt allows a Smart to be sold then I can't see any reason for a unibody pickup with a front end with the ideal aerodynamic shape and a bed cover that maintained that shape all the way to the rear end. A transversely mounted 2 liter ecoboost type engine and a 6 speed manual.

40 MPG combined and capable of carrying 1500 pounds.

Comparing this to the disasters (collision wise) of decades ago just demonstrates a lack of understanding of the vast improvments in collision absorbing design that have evolved.

Argue away, slam my post or logic, waste your time. It will happen if the manufacturers want to meet the new mileage regulations in the US anyway.

I just wish I could get a 3L Lupo in the US.

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