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Oh boy, oh boy,oh boy.

Can't wait to see this !!

One of the guys here ( millenniumtree ) suggested using audio tape insted of yarn .
My previous tuft tests showed that sewing yarn seems to cause vortexes for the tufts further downwind. Also, the yarn tends to stick to itself and those surrounding it at as you get up to speed, thereby ruining the test.
I had better luck with thick cotton thread.
I must give millenniumtree credit for the audio tape idea - it fits completely flush with the body of the car, yet flutters like mad in a turbulent area,
Just out of curiousity, I cut up some 2'1/2 " strips of tape from a video cassette and applied then to my car as i took a short drive. They seem to work just as well, yet are easier to see....but not on a black car like you have.
As I'm sure you remember, audio cassette film mainly comes in a dark brow color, but I remember tapes that had the film being white as well.
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