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Originally Posted by maxc View Post
The University of Arizona did the tests. So your saying there're clueless!
Without seeing the actual paper and numbers, none of us can say anything, but we can remain skeptical until we see it.

Using exhaust gas is better than using electrolysis, because you're using waste heat to create H2. But this is a paper from 1977, using carbureted cars. I've seen on-road tests with carb'd cars where snake-oil salesmen got to claim a 20% increase in economy simply by shaking the cobwebs out during installation.


That said: exhaust heat reformation IS a good idea, as that's waste energy, as opposed to alternator current, which you have to make an effort to produce. There are a lot of modern studies on using exhaust gases for hydrogen reforming, but they don't claim a 50% increase in fuel efficiency. And they still haven't been commercialized... yet.
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