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Its been a long time...

...more than 4 years it seems.

The loose ends:

So, there I was - working on some neat aero stuff while at University. Post graduation, I was considering opening a composites design/fabrication shop. I had a tiny bit of seed money, supplier relationships and list of potential clients....

I got a call from some friends on the other side of the country. "Trebuchet, you need to come with us, to East Africa, right now." We were making prototypes for a renewable energy pilot. Things went well, really well.

Flash forward - I moved to San Francisco and co-found an energy company. I'm doing a lot of manufacturing stuff right now. Anyone want to see solar module assembly, step by step?

New strings:

The best fuel economy vehicle is the one you never own. So I did that. I just didn't own a car. It was practical for me. Zip car, folding bike, bus pass A few months ago, I started looking for a weekend car. Honda Insight. Honda Insight. Honda Insight....

The last thing I remember was asking myself "What would Jeremy Clarkson do?" there's a little blue sports car in my building's garage. Thankfully, my girlfriend shot down a high mileage Mercedes SLK. I bought a Miata.

GOOD: Tiny fA, manual transmission, no plans on car commuting, 1000lbs lighter than my last car, suspension package.

BAD: 23MPG combined estimate (as a barometer, not great), crap Cd (even crappier with top down), suspension package, premium fuel.

Anyone know what's being used in high octane gas in California and environment impact? Economically, for me, its $80 a year...

In any case, glad to see some old 'faces' still here (yo Metro! what's up!?)

Cars have not created a new problem. They merely made more urgent the necessity to solve existing ones.
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