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I deliver pizza in my civic 4 speed, and while its a much more effecient car than a buick, some tips will help. i get better city mileage than i do highway, or at least break even. 43-44 while delivering. im still waiting for the snow to melt to install my HF transmission and get rid of the throttle body injection for multipoint.

1. TAKE IT EASY ON THE GAS PEDAL. hold your foot very very steady and accelerate so slow its almost painful. if your cruising red lights or stops signs it wont bother the people behind you

2. shut your car off. every time you park. I shut my car off every time im coasting or pulling up to a stop. this may damage your automatic tho, so i wouldnt advise shutting the motor off while you are rolling.

3. learn your "break down" points for every road you commonly travel on. there may be a more proper term for this, but learn when you can let off the gas pedaa while traveling at the speed limit, and coast to a stop sign or red light or turn without having to use the break pedal. i usually use a land mark like a speed limit sign or a mail box. i have them memorized for about 8-10 of the roads and turns i make returning to the store (and of course the ones for my house)
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