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Originally Posted by yoyoyoda View Post
So I was driving home and I noticed something strange written on the highway.

*Uploading it to videobam* = FAIL
*Uploading it to Vimeo* = FAIL
*Uploading it to Youtube* = PASS

Ok... Seeing as youtube screwed up the contrast/brightness I'll just tell you guys what it says:
I understood the quasi-musical quote of the Strauss horn concerto as background music for the road trip video. But nowhere is there anything in the video clip "strange written on the highway", strange or otherwise.

If you want to play mind games, I might point out that what you say is visible to you on the highway might not be visible to everyone here.

Unless perhaps you are smoking something the rest of us are not?

If you say something is present, prove what is there. Unless I missed something, the video shows nothing "strange written on the highway".

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