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Driving on emerald cost region.

This is the lowest form of skill driving Ive ever been exposed to area wide.
No turn signals used, Own the road mentallity, cant drive on water in any form.Etc. etc. this is a solid 60% of the populace very scary!
But thier worst habbit is in merge lanes. Dont match traffic speed or decellerate. just expect traffic flow to make allowance for thier idiocracy.
Yesterday I watched some jack in a box try to force a semi who was dedicated to the lane move over onto side traffic even swerving within inches of semi front steer tire. this continued up the rumblestrip about 400 yards without them accellerating or decellerating till they came to a bridge. Where they stopped and all of us onlookers finally got by the scene.
And no this isnt a truckers fault before anyone says so this car caused him to lock down the brakes and accelerate trying to get by them they constantly matched his speeds.

Stupid or crazy you decide.
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