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That first hardtop (fastback? I guess) looks fantastic - I like the factory aesthetic(the second one is using rivets - just a different aesthetic if the wing didn't tip anyone off before). I need to find pictures of it post paint

Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
As for high octane, won't the ECU just pull back some timing if you run regular? I would think it's recommended but not essential. And then I would research...
I may experiment, I have the instrumentation and its easy enough. The price differential is about $0.20 per gallon, 5% isn't that much wiggle room if retarded timing results in a drop in FE. Internet searches result in mixed anecdotal results. I'll need to do some regular maintenance (gear/diff oil, general tune up) and get a baseline first.

Funny thing is, this is considered a "high compression" engine (9.5:1) and why higher octane fuel is recommended. Meanwhile, my 2.0 Jetta that was a bit older than this car had 10:1 CR and regular fuel recommended. That engine also produced a lot less power but was likely under higher load.
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