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When you rebuild, you might want to consider adding a low nose like I have on the front of the Aerocivic. Since aeromodding the car, I've hit two deer at 45mph with the deer running from left to right in front of the car. In both cases the low nose kicked the legs out from under it, so the deer got rotated upside down and then passed either over the top of the car or off the right side of the hood. In both cases my only damage was a cracked headlight lens and a slight dent to the top of the hood. The low sloped nose (about 12" above the ground) combined with the upward slope of the hood acts as a wedge to redirect the collision energies upward to lift the deer up and over the car, and causing minimal damage to the car. By contrast, the flat front bumper of most cars absorbs the collision energies and results in much more body damage. And as an added bonus you can install an adjustable grill block in the nose and lower the stagnation point on the front of the car. Before I aeromodded the car, I had an almost identical collision with a deer, deer running from left to right, about 40mph, resulting in much more damage; replaced left front fender, left headlight, and straightened out a bigger dent in the hood.
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