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Originally Posted by Cobb View Post
Yeah, anti-inflammatory pills are hard on your stomach. I had laser surgery to fix some internal bleeding from them. I was taking several NSAIDS and using ice to deal with pain I had at the time. I changed my diet and started taking over the counter steroids that have it under control.

I dont know if I want to give up pills. I wish I could take pills vs eat like on the jetsons.

I had pain patches, but they stick to the inside of your clothing too easily.
I was on Celebrex shortly after injuring my back which helped some, but I had to go off of it, because it gave me chest pain. One night the chest [pain was so bad from the Celebrex I couldn't lay down for a couple hours. It finally eased up enough I was able to lay down on the couch and get a some sleep. It wasn't long after that they released a statement saying Celebrex and Vioxx could cause heart attacks.

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