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Along the lines of Frank Lee's story. I know someone who had and electronic payment taken from their bank account which overdrew the account. The payment was made to a company they had no business relationship with. The account was an seldom used account that somehow the address had gotten changed so they were received no notices. The address change was small from street to court or something similar.

How this person found out about it was a collection notice. The notice of course was for a exaggerated amount of money. Talking to the collection agency was a bust. They only wanted money. Talking to the company that requested the electronic withdrawal yielded nothing. They wouldn't help as that person had no account with them. The bank that they had their account with wouldn't help because they no longer had an account with them. The bank had closed the account.

The person finally contacted a Federal banking agency. The agency requested information from the bank. The next thing you know the bank that couldn't help was calling vowing to get to the bottom of it.
In the end they called off the collection agency, removed the withdrawal and over draft charges and sent a check for the account balance. They never gave an explanation.

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