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Originally Posted by niky View Post
Double-edged sword. How many people have died over the years because of ever increasing SUV sizes... SUVs which are more likely to kill you when they run into you or when they roll over?

If everyone drove golf carts, then arguments about size and safety wouldn't exist.

And no matter how big an SUV you have, when you get hit by a big rig whose driver is nodding off, you lose. Period.
Less people in the SUVs and more people in small cars, so some people will play the odds and go big for safety for them and their family. Government getting involved only makes the wealthy able to have the big gas guzzlers while everybody else is forced into something they otherwise would never choose. Also most people can't have 5 different cars to use depending on the exact situation they need at the moment. So a single driver in a full size 8 passenger 4x4 SUV in the middle of summer may need the 4x4 in winter, or the towing ability on vacation, or 6 passengers, 2 dogs, and 2 weeks worth of luggage. Maybe if they made some kind of train car where you could hook multiple 2 passenger powered modules together to get the passenger and power level you needed, that would be cool. Still the guy with 4 of them hitched up hitting the guy in a single is going to "win". I also am all for dividing most high speed highways, we have a 4 lane close to here that could really use a divider down the middle.
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