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Being on the receiving end of a four ton SUV is less a problem here outside America. Gas taxes, displacement and footprint taxes and the like ensure that. People have gotten used to hiring panel vans for any heavy load carrying they need to do (farm owners and construction company managers do use SUVs and pick-ups, though, but even those are smaller than the US nortm).

Still, our safety problem is car versus bus or truck (with a lot of passenger and cargo movement reliant on those two, as most people choose not to drive due to gas prices) is an even worse comparison than car versus SUV.

The multi-module car would be an ideal solution if you could get people to buy the add-on modules. But even if the other guy has a five-car train, he's sitting in the first car. In a head-on, he's now in the middle of a six car sandwich. Not a great place to be.
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