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Originally Posted by basjoos View Post
Aero mods produce the functional equivalent of a horsepower boost at higher speeds. It won't do much for your 0 to 60 mph time, but has a huge effect on your 60 to 100 mph time.
If the cops ever find that out I wont be able to do my mods.

I think the only thing that I could do legally is a curtain air dam, with a smooth "mouth" to drag air in from the bottom of the radiator and then push it out the back, diverting it away from the engine, but my exhaust mainfold is in the way.

I suppose I could remove the last remaining radiator fan and make up an aluminium cowling around the radiator to keep air pressure high until it reaches the bottom of the car, preventing it from running into the engine while its inside of the engine bay.

Definatley going to be a lot of head scratching after I attempt that one, especially about the front mouth of the front grille and intake to the radiator, possibly using some flexible plastic again.

Then, add a thin aftermarket radiator fan to the front air conditioner condenser, so I will have a way of keeping temps under control. There wouldn't be any space at the rear of the radiator as the aluminium cowling will take up the whole space available between the radiator and the engine manifold.

But that "This length equal to radiator height" will put me off severely, I would probably have to increase the front length of my bumper by at least 1/3rd of a foot in order to meet that requirement.

Is there any other options that I may be missing?

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