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My 01 143,000 miles, is valued at $1,900 for excise tax purposes, I paid $3,200 for it, could've got it for less. The other guys Insurance company paid $4,200 - $500 buyback= $3,700. My car suffered significantly less damage, no broken glass, no airbag, only a cosmetic gouge from the front quarter panel to the rear quarter. Perfectly drivable.

It was kind of a relief cause now i have no financial investment in the car, and no vanity in my car as an object or a statement about who i am.

They're probably going to give you a claim based on value of your car. Since repairing it and any unknown problems might exceed the value of a 14 year old car. I'd take that money and either pocket it, or buy another Insight.

Now buying back your damaged Insight i would consider a good investment if they give you a low price. You can use it as a parts base to support a new Insight which is useful, or sell it off for parts and scrap.

Try to find out how much it'd cost to make it roadworthy. IF you buy it back really cheap, and spend a minimal amount to make it roadworthy that is a plus. Since there's not much to care about how it looks, basjoos an aero front end. But that is IF it can be done in a cost effective way.

Having a cheap $500 car like mine makes the fuel savings payback instant. I don't buy comprehensive insurance on it. I can park the road rashed passenger side inches away from offending parked cars and not care about nicks. I ignore the dealership trying to upsell me car repairs.
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