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Are you planning to open source this design or is this going to be something you build and sell as a finished product?

There's also the option to not even use hardware based pwm, and do it all in software, so I could allow for delays on the order of 0.00000005 second so as to make sure each igbt is turning on at essentially exactly the same time. There's always variation with the propagation delay from optocoupler to optocoupler, and I could eliminate that variation.
If you are going to tweak the timing to account for variation in individual components is that going to require lab grade equipment and skills that will make it impossible for DIYers?

The dimensions of the base plate would be around 12" x 15". Is that too big? I'm not sure how tall yet though. Maybe 4" or 4.5"?
I can accommodate the 12x15 in my truck - it might be difficult for a person with a small car. But the power level is more than a small car needs anyway (imho --Flores may disagree).

Does anyone want to live dangerously and try out a prototype? I'd donate the igbts.
I would like to help if I can, I would be happy to pay for remaining components for a prototype and test it in the real world.
If you are going to open source, I could but one together and document it to start the assembly manual.
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