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New guy

New guy here, with a few questions -

First, about me:
A few weeks back, I bought a dilapidated old golf cart to fix up. I use it to haul my son's sporting clays team around the course when they compete.

It all started off rather innocently, but quickly has turned into a nine headed hydra.

I found and fixed some broken connections, replaced battery wires, and got the cart running. It runs pretty well but slows down considerably going up hills. So I started looking for ways to make it perform better. My plan is to replace the controller with one that will handle more amps (current one is 200, my motor can handle 400), replace the mechanical forward reverse switch with a contactor, replace all the power carrying wires, possibly upgrade the motor and battery pack. I will probably end up driving it back and forth to work.

The controller in this thing is sealed. And there's no documentation on it! That drives me batty, because I'm one of those guys who has to know how things work. It's a failing. Also, I'm cheap. If something in the controller fails, I can't just replace the failed component, I'd have to replace the whole controller. Double whammy.

So I was thinking I might try building a controller and power board. I think I would like to build it with the notion that I might eventually upgrade to a 48 or 72v pack and up to 1000 amps. Initially I would limit to under 400.

I was looking at latest revisions of controller and power boards on the wiki.. but if something new is on the way which would require a guinea pig, I'm willing.

I have a lot of reading to catch up on, so bye for now!
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