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I think many people have been wondering about doing something with the expansion tank level, only to dismiss it right away for its vulnerability.

As said before, whatever you post here is out in the open for all to see and use.
If someone vents the same idea you have posted, take it as an honor. Great minds think alike.

For every idea posted there are ten people who have thought of it but not put it down. So many times have I seen the announcement of a breakthrough or a special design that I have been thinking about too. I could have been rich! But I never took the effort to bring my ideas into reality, so what do I have to complain about...
That's life, follow your dreams, follow up on them
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Investors woes:
"In hindsight, I should have placed a bet on the horse that won the race"
"In hindsight, I should have bet more on that horse"
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