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Originally Posted by Ironside View Post
I took a quick look at JT sprockets website on your behalf, there is an 18 tooth front sprocket available which has the same fitting dimensions as the superhawk, catalogue number JTF 339. I can't say for sure if there will be enough clearance for the larger sprocket, JTS are very helpful it might be worth asking their advice.

If the 18 will fit without hitting the cases or the guides, I'd go with that.
16/41 is a 2.563
17/39 is a 2.294 or 11% less revs
18/39 is a 2.167 or 18% less revs

If you want more efficiency, than that, you'll have to re-jet and/or downsize the carbs.
Then the only thing you can really do after that is reduce friction and weight (both rotating and non-rotating).

This would be a good bike to consider - Ecotrons EFI conversions on it. Probably could use the EFI Throttle Bodies off an RC51.

Black Cherry (no epa ratings)

Dad's Taxi

The Lead Sled (EV conversion coming soon)

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