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Originally Posted by American Viking View Post
If the 18 will fit without hitting the cases or the guides, I'd go with that.
16/41 is a 2.563
17/39 is a 2.294 or 11% less revs
18/39 is a 2.167 or 18% less revs

If you want more efficiency, than that, you'll have to re-jet and/or downsize the carbs.
Then the only thing you can really do after that is reduce friction and weight (both rotating and non-rotating).

This would be a good bike to consider - Ecotrons EFI conversions on it. Probably could use the EFI Throttle Bodies off an RC51.
Or you could just get something that started off getting big numbers - like a CBR250.

You will never overcome that much more displacement/power than is required to propel a typical motorcycle at a moderate speed.

Just have fun with it, because there's really no reasonable way to make it get seriously high MPG numbers.
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