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Originally Posted by American Viking View Post
Some of us would kill a cbr250 and don't want to just buy a new or another bike.. I can add my luggage to a Superhawk and still go touring on it, much like with my VFR.
That's not something I can do with a cbr250.
The OP already has a Superhawk and is not chomping at the bit for another bike, so why not make useful suggestions.

I'd bet that with the right parts you can get descent mileage from it.
Sure its a large-ish V-twin, but that doesn't meant it can't operate more efficiently than it did when it left Honda's factory.
He didn't say he wanted to add luggage and go touring, he said he wanted better mileage. If mileage is a concern, riding a BIG (1000cc) V-Twin isn't a great choice.

Getting into major mods like you suggested in order to get slightly better mileage from a 1000cc motorcycle is not a useful suggestion.

I think my comment of "just ride it and have fun" is a useful suggestion.
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