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Originally Posted by Daox View Post
A friendly reminder to all here. This is an open forum, if you post something that isn't patent protected it is not 'your' idea, its now everyone's idea. This isn't EcoModder policy, its patent law. That means they can even use it to make money if they want to. Case in point, OEMs visit this site as do many individuals. Where do you think they get all their aeromod ideas from?
A word about patents. If you apply for a patent and are granted it, it only gives you the right to protect your intellectual property that you have recorded through the process of obtaining the patent. Someone or some corporate entity can still steal your idea and market it. Obtaining a patent only gives you the right and potential to sue those who infringe upon it and thus stop the theft and production of your patented idea. There is no guarantee that your defense by lawsuit will be successful. You may end up as David challenging Goliath. Goliath often has more money and more lawyers than you do.

As for the whining of "whaaa, whaaa, whaaa, he stole MY idea" - it's time to stop acting childish.
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