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Help find Malaysian Airlines 370!

An unprecedented request, how you can volunteer and help find Malaysia Airlines 370.


An advance commercial satellite imagery network is asking the whole internet public to scour their recent map data. 'Crowdsourcing' into action!
They have available 1,235 square miles of high resolution maps and more maps updated everyday. Hopefully thousands, even hundreds of thousands of volunteers could bring their eyes on these maps and share their findings.
You might find that 'needle in the haystack' to identify life rafts, debris, oil slick or even the wreckage at a remote location.
DigitalGlobe was instrumental in the aftermath of the Philippine typhoon Haiyan, tagging points of interests and for rescues. The were crucial to pinpoint locations for emergency responders and crucial aid.

Discoveries could be shared at CNN iReport page;
Malaysia Airlines MH370 / TomNod crowd-search - CNN iReport

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