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crexcrex grill block

Originally Posted by gascort View Post
Andrew, I just wondered how your car is doing with cooling and having your relatively small hole for airflow now during the summer months. I'm having trouble with my grill block; our cars are about the same and the hole I have for mine is double the size of yours, but my car overheats on the highway.

Perhaps I need to finish my undertray?

Re grill blocking not sure if you misdirected your question re grill blocking i however have been eco modding long before the term ever arose. My grill dosen't exist as i have no grill to block. My rad is cooled by two small elcectric fans that draw air from two 12 inch oval holes with a duct running to the rad. Underhood engine heat is vented re the front fenders as i have drilled eight two inch holes on each side to vent the heat rather than bieng drawn underneath the car body..............In terms of overheating i have had no problems whatsoever. Will eventually put a few pix up to give you a better idea unfortunately at the moment i am designing side mirors unlike anything that is on the market. The beauty is that they are aerodynamic and does not detract from the appearance of the car.
best of luck......................
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