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I caught the gas station cashier skimming off the top.

I had to get gas yesterday. I also have some bills to pay and don't want the gas station holding a bunch of my money hostage for a few days, so I grabbed $40 from an ATM and went to the gas station.

I had to wait while the cashier sold coffees and bottled waters to someone, tapped my foot while she offered a bag for the waters and slowly loaded them. Finally, "$40 on pump 3, please" and ran out to pump my gas. I enjoyed it not taking long, noted it was under 10 gallons and that I should be getting back $6 and change, and went inside.

I had to wait a moment for the guy in front of me, and when he cleared out the cashier looked up and said "pump 3?" and handed me my change. I asked if I could have a receipt, so she turned, tore it off the machine and handed it to me. I hurried out to the car, wrote my mileage on the receipt, reset everything and took off.

A few hours later I got out my phone and entered the numbers. I was excited because it was a long tank and I knew I had good numbers. It came back as 49.087 mpg, which was dead wrong. I examined my receipt: right pump and time, but it read under 9 gallons for $30 and change- not under 10 gallons for $33 and change. I checked my pocket and found two fives, a one and some change. Adding a gallon made the tank 9.434 gallons for $33.58- 43.88 mpg, right where I was expecting the mpg and the money to be. The money in my pocket couldn't make change from $30.02, and then I looked higher up on the receipt and saw it was paid by a card.

I'm on film at that pump at that time. I'm on film paying cash. I've got a receipt for that pump at that time... with the last 4 of a card number that most likely belongs to the cashier.

No good meestah.


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