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It depends on the hill's grade. Generally you pulse up hill and glide downhill. This applies as long as you can maintain your target speed downhill.

Steeper hills, you want to slowly lose speed uphill and hit your target speed downhill, without exceeding the speed to the point you risk a ticket.

More gradual grades. It depends on traffic. You may pulse&glide uphill or downhill depending on your target speed. This assumes you can not maintain your target speed downhill on the shallower grade.

Think of it as a roller coaster. It gets elevation then uses that energy to glide around the track. It's almost 100 miles from my house where the grades get steep enough to maintain 60 MPH downhill consistently.

I generally do not let my peak speed go over 7MPH above the limit. Pulsing on downhills will cost you in aero drag as it increases exponentially with speed.

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