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It's best to ignore hills, and stick to P&G.

What's more efficient, driving at a steady speed or P&G? Obviously P&G. Why does it make a difference whether you are on an incline or decline or flat ground? It's still the most efficient way to drive. So just stick to the process. That means sometimes you will pulse up hills and even have to glide and pulse again before you reach the peak.

If you only pulse up hills and glide down hills, then that means you continue to use gas up hills even though you may have reached your glide speed. For example you approach a long hill, you pulse like normal to 65. You reach 65 at the middle of the hill. Do you go into a glide, or do you just stay at 65 until the top and then glide? Even though you might have to pulse again on the same hill, remember if we are climbing that hill it's still more efficient to P&G the hill rather than steady speed it.
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