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Originally Posted by flores View Post

Sounds good.. I'm in.. you know I'll be happy to beta test it and pay for anything.. and am not bothered if it blows up..
You've always been an awesome beta tester.

I finally got around to reading the datasheet for the 6 igbts I have.

By the way, I only have 6, and my plan is to use 3 per controller. So, if I do 3 prototypes, I'm no mathematician, but that's 9. Here are some cheap ones that are from Tesseract, and I know for a fact are new and not bootleg from China:

Box of 6 New Powerex mistubishi CM600DY 12nF IGBT Modules 600V 600A | eBay

I was thinking for prototypes, Duncan, jedsmd, and flores, do you guys want to split the cost of those 4 ways with me? I can't mix the igbts I have with the ones above, as they are different parts, and it would be asking for trouble. It would be around $99 each person (including shipping). Alternatively, we would need to figure out which 2 of the 3 beta testers get the free ones I already have, and which poor sucker gets to buy his own. hahaha. Note: Guy with golf cart, this controller will vaporize the golf cart motor. I don't think it's a good idea. I'm hoping for a peak of maybe 1500-1800 amps. If it actually works, you guys need to promise to take a video of a burnout, even if it has to be on ice or gravel. Ideally, dry cement, but wet pavement would also be acceptable.
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