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Originally Posted by cfg83 View Post
geoff -

Welcome to EM! That sounds like a cool job for eco-mods. Do you have access to a Dyno?

Eco-Anal-Note - Your front driver's side tire on your Escort needs air.

We do have a dyno (2WD model DynoJet) I havent put the escort on there, but I did put my 2 mazda's on there, simply for seeing if the mods on the car were making any more power or changing the powerband/torque curve.

Our dyno is an enertia dyno, so the load on the car is just the constant weight of the rollers. If it were a Mustang Dyno, where the load can be changed while the car is rolling (you can add in drag, weight of car, simulated road friction, ect) then I would be able to see what speed/rpm the car is most efficent at.

As for the tires, yes they were low...those pictures were from about a week after I picked up the car, both font tires were at the end of their life and would loose about 5psi per day. I have since gotten some good all seasons and have found the best mix of economy and confort is 10psi over the cars specs cold.

Most of what I deal with at work are cars that are built/tuned for maximum power, but there is a happy medium that you can find with power and economy. The escort is a fun project for me because I am working on getting the best fuel economy I can.

So far I have done the following with the escort :

Custom front lip/spliter
All synthetic (low weight) oil
K&N air filter
Custom Intake (stock intake/airbox but I have removed all the cold air snorkles/resonators)
10psi over spec (cold) air press.
Removed the spare and some other non-essential items
Full tune-up (belts, gaskets, filter, ect)
NGK "Green" plugs and plug wires
New NGK oxygen sensor

I also have the following planed but not done yet :
Highflow header (with new cat-converter)
New shocks/springs (stock shocks are blown, and I would like to lower the car a bit)
New Swaybars (try to improve the boat feel of the car and reduce understeer)
New brakes (the current ones are getting to the end of their life)
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