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Ome time recently in a MacDonalds the cashier gave me back about $2.50 too much. I never put the money in my pocket and told her she gave me too much back. You would have thought I had exposed myself the way everyone around me was looking at me when I returend the excess change.

It wasn't my money.

I always say when you get short changed or over charged, if it was accidental, then it would randomly be 50% of each scenario. In my experience it's about 99% overcharge which is no mistake.

I worked in a gas station when I was 17. One shift I was working with the owner and when we closed up shop and balanced the register, it came out to the penny. He was flabbergasted, told me that had not happened in over 20 years. I told him I thought that was they way it should be every time.

Once in a bar in Key West Florida I ordered a drink, gave the barkeep a $20 (Think it was Sloppy Joe's or Captain Tonys). He gives me back change for a $10. I immediately questioned that and eventually the manager told me he would refund me the money if his register balance was over by $10 at the end of the night.

I told him I did not realize that when I bought a drink I was assuming responsibility for balancing his register with every payment. It really PO'ed me since I only had $25 in my pocket when I walked into the bar and had driven 20 miles to get there.

I went back to that bar, probably for a year, and every drink I bought , I only gave them enough paper to cover the drink cost, put the change in my pocket and gave no tip. It probably cost the thief 30 times the amount of money that they had stolen from me when they took that $10 that they did not deserve. I always ordered from the same barkeep that had shortchanged me initially.

I can't stand a thief.

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