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fonque: Sounds like I'm using some of the same techniques you are. I don't coast in neutral a lot, but I try to remember to do it when exiting the freeway and on a few surface streets where I have a long, clear view to the next intersection. I think it has helped me get the 44% over EPA on my last tank of gas, but it would be more clear of course with instrumentation. We'll see over time if how my MPG holds up. But I plan on trying to do more coasting in neutral when I feel it's safe.

At a few freeway exits I use regularly, I can actually start the coasting a bit before the exit (as long as no one is right on my bumper), coast all the way up the off-ramp, and just tap my brakes a bit at the cross-street. I don't seem to go that far during engine braking, so I almost certainly would use more gas to engine brake then power up the remainder of the ramp.
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