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Originally Posted by gk_ghig14 View Post
A lot of the weight comes from fords massive over engineering. Just look at how massive their frames are. To put the f150 even more into perspective, my 2012 ram crew cab was only about 5300 pounds, 400 less than my friend's truck with the same options. I forget how much chevy/gmc weigh now but a few years ago I think they were around 4400 for the regular cab version.

I think every car would be able to squeak out 1-2 mpg better if companies would use lighter weight materials. My non power passenger seat alone weighs about 40 pounds, and my power driver seat is 60 pounds. 100 pounds just from 2 seats. I don't think it would cost ford that much money(in the grand scheme) to use aluminum for the seat mounts, sliders, and seat frames instead of steel

I honestly have no clue how my 2 door mustang can be a good 1200 pounds heavier than your civic, when they're both similar size. Even a corvette weighs more than your civic

Edit: as far as features go, a '14 base model auto civic weighs 2811 and a ex-l with nav auto weighs 2930 according(no pun intended) to Honda
My 05 weighs in at 24xx...a Civic gained 400 pounds in 9 years!
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