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I originally posted to this thread on 8/13/08. Here is a thought for you guys about a case where both winter sets of studded snows and summer original rims and tires weigh the same and are of the same size on the wife's Prius. In the winter time...even though the outside temps are the same as other days we used the summer set...the rolling resistance of the studded snows is TERRIBLE! She always gets 50-54 all in town driving with the original tires but with the studded snows mounted on the same extra set of stock rims we drop down to only 44-46 all in town...the highway mpgs are also down by a solid 8-10 mpg! The tire pressures are also the same. This winter we had great usage of them due to all the snow and the year before they only came in handy once. My 95 Neon also looses about 10 mpg highway with the studded snows.

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