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Originally Posted by bwilson4web View Post
In priority order:
  1. 1-1.5kW inverter - emergency power as well as remote power. I've used it with a reciprocating saw to make big tree limbs into something I can drag, carry, and stack after the storms this winter.
  1. not a bad idea,
    can you give me a link for the right way to do this?
    or do you just use one in the cigarette lighter?

  2. GPS+bluetooth - gives you hands free cell phone. The Chinese rear view mirror lost the bluetooth after a year; the GPS map is not upgradable, and; the rear view camera is going marginal and too low. Also, the rear view camera needs to be mounted high, looking down, say top of the rear window. Will use Garmin next time.
  3. I've got no intrest in talking on the phone when I'm driving
    and I prettymuch know where I'm going (at least when I'm commuting)
    so I don't feel I need a GPS

  4. beeping backup LED light - I like to give the pedstrians something else to ignore as they step into the path of my backing up car. My lawyers will LOVE IT!
  5. I don't spend much time in reverse (other than backing into my driveway)
    so this isn't something i think I'd use either

  6. dash cam, front and back, with GPS - mounted using bungee cords to the passenger head rest, it provides empirical data about a trip and my lawyers will LOVE IT!
  7. in my experience,
    attaching a camera to myself or my vehicle is all around a bad idea
    first of all, Im not sure I wanna document my actions
    and more importantly, it's like wearing an Evel Knievel helmet and cape (somehow it makes me wanna do stuff I shouldnt be doing)

  8. split water noodle air inlet block - using thin bungee cords at each end, it reduces high-speed drag and shortens warm-up time below 75F. Stows on shelf above traction battery in trunk.
  9. I have no idea what this is
    can you post a link?

  10. tow bar - to hang the truck nuts and tow the Jon boat or half a ton of hay.
  11. I'm not gonna be towing with this thing
    or attaching Truck Nutz

  12. largest diameter front tires - to give a permanent over-drive. Indicated MPG will appear to be off and you'll need to use the GPS for speed but apply the calibration constant at the pump and you'll be pleased.
  13. interesting idea
    I wonder how much it would adversly effect me on hills

    my commute includes about 5 very large (half mile long and several hundred feet of elivation) hills
    and the car already feels like it's working pretty hard to make it up (altho, i'ts got no problem keeping up with the cruise set at 62

  14. minimum three transaxle oil changes - to Type WS, dropping the pan, and wiping clean. Reduces wear and friction.
  15. "3 transmission oil changes"?
    just to flush out the old oil?
    is it really that dirty?

    what is "Type WS"?
    is there a weight?

  16. Scangauge II or equivalent - helps to keep the car in the highest fuel efficient regions and diagnostics 'in the field' if you throw a code.
  17. I was wondering if this would be useful to me
    the Previous Owner said he had some sort of USB Dongle that I can hook up to my Laptop and scan/clear codes
    I havn't picked it up yet, I've got HPtuners for my GTO (amazing program)

  18. mini-shop jack and jack stand - flat tires happen but it also encourages oil changes.
  19. I've got tools, jacks, stands, etc... I do most of my own maintenance

  20. Fumoto oil valve - makes oil changes easier so less likely to skip..
  21. I'll have to look this up
    can't imagine how much easier it would be (but I havn't done one yet)

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