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It's amazing how slow and uncoordinated this investigation has been. How many days were wasted looking in the wrong areas when we had data all along that tells us the plane was flown off course for hours after the transponders were shut off?

Hopefully the pilots flight simulator reveals some clues. Apparently he had been practicing flights and then deleted them, and they are trying to recover the flights. That would be a major clue if the pilot was practicing flying a certain path that is similar to what we know happened, and maybe it will lead us to the actual airport he practiced to land at.

Of course it could be nothing, either. If you have ever played Microsoft Flight Simulator it's perfectly normal to delete data you don't care to keep to save space or just to keep it tidy. And I have flown many jumbo jets into the ground for fun, so it's really not significant if his flight histories show aggressive or suicidal behavior. (Imagine if your real life was judged on how you played Grand Theft Auto).
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