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Originally Posted by markweatherill View Post
I saw the idea some time ago of timed traffic signals that display a countdown to the next change. That would work for everyone.
I used to complain about light timing and people told me that the Don't Walk sign and yellow lights gave me all of the information that I needed.

I can only imagine that these people drive ten over until they are one block from a red light.

For a long time, I have actually wanted something that would tell me if I could make the next light or if I needed to start slowing down.

I keep waiting to have a conversation about holding up traffic. "Uh, no, that is the purpose of the red light."

They have been gradually replacing Don't Walk signs with ones that count down. The Army tells me that I have 20/15 corrected vision, but I cannot read those numbers. A friend insisted that she could, but was not able to read street signs when I asked.

Originally Posted by tvbd56 View Post
1. Wait that's what those mirrors are for? not for make-up?
2. But wait, I have to send this one last text.
1. When I did on-line dating, I saw many pictures that girls took using their car mirrors. Seriously? You can actually see yourself in your phone, but you insist on using a mirror barely larger than your phone, and then make a duck-face, longbowman's salute, put the phone in front of your face so we can hardly tell that you do not understand smiling, and then save a screen capture instead of actually saving the picture, because everybody wants to see your signal and battery strength, etc.
2. Wait, I just received two more, and then I need to tweet my crossroads, I haven't done that for half a minute!

Aerohead, for all of the political rhetoric about making cars more efficient, I always wondered why they didn't approach that one simple idea. I just do not have any idea how to simply describe it. I guess that "red light timing" should do, but I do not have much confidence in people. If people actually could drive the speed limit and never hit a red light unless they turned, they would still speed and brake one block away.
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