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Excellent thread. Haven't read all the way through, but, I think I have a post or two somewhere in there.

I have been bump starting for as long as I have been driving, about 35 years. Thought I had it down pretty well but did find improvement in following the initial post of the thread. It had not occurred to me to immediately disengage right after engaging. This definitely does improve smoothness. I even do it if I am at higher speeds and will remain in 5th gear.

I do have something to add though. Most of the posts say start in desired gear + 1 or +2. I simplify this to pretty much always start in 5th at anything more than about 10 mph. This of course, applies to my Sonata, which has a fairly short 5th gear. (I regularly find myself looking for 6th gear) A car with taller gears would mean going to the X+1,2 or 3 formula at a higher speed. In cases where I need to restart at a slow roll, I generally go to 3rd for the restart
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