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Around here the premium for diesel is 45 cents a gallon, around 15%. If your MPG is not 15% higher then there is no benefit in cost per mile. At 45 MPG in a gas fueled car, you would need to get around 52 in the diesel to have the same cost per mile.

Diesel repairs cost more, some have timing belts, and the rest of the parts wear out regardless of the engine type.

You got almost 300k out of a huge SUV, so that is a pretty good indicator that you take reasonably good care of your vehicles. Check out consumer reports frequency of repair records for owner feedback on the cars you are interested in buying.

When you buy a higher mileage (odometer) car I have found that the fewer options the better. All of those "conveniences" can really become expenses when they stop working.
I have seen cars scrapped for a couple of bad power window regulators @ $450 each.

People here have recommended good cars as choices, but you are a big person and that must be considered in your choices as well as the safety of your precious children when they are passengers.

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