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Maybe his birthday?

If you are going to remove the oil pan for a repair. I would consider a pick and pull replacement.
They also make threaded inserts that should do the job if there is enough material for one.
I would never helicoil a drain plug. The threaded inserts are not like helicoils, just use some powerful threadlock on the insert (NOT ON THE DRAIN PLUG!). I usually tighten up the drain plug with a box end wrench until it gets just snug with little force. The I use a wooden handled hammer and tap the wrench with the wooden handle until it stops moving easily (maybe another 20 degrees rotation). This method allows me to reuse the aluminum sealing washer (or copper if it calls for that) probably at least 10 times before it needs replacing. If that soft washer is crushed badly enough to expand more than 10% of its original width then you are overtorquing the drainplug.

Be very careful with the oil pan bolts, probably 6X1.0 and they only need about 4-6 foot pounds of force or you will strip them. I use a1/4 inch ratchet and my middle finger to tighten them. 6 foot pounds ain't much and you should use a little silicone sealant if there is a gasket I put it on my finger andput just enough on to make thesurface of the gasket wet. If there isno pan gasketthe nbe very careful tightening it up. It takes even less force without a gasket, just enough to keep it tight.

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