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7. Second gen Insight...
It can seat 5 if the middle rear passenger has a short spine or no head.
It likes corners. It likes them so much that it is a bit nervous on the straight bits, but higher than OEM tire pressure alleviates that somewhat.
(16" rims help too)
It is quite pretty when compared to something that's not.
It is almost as economical as a big Prius.
It is almost as big as a big Prius.
It is a hell of a lot cheaper than a big Prius.
It is a lot bigger than a Prius C (but less economical)
It is a love-or-hate car. Test it, who knows? You mght just love it.
It is safe and reliable and has very few issues.
It is discontinued and the stocks seem to deplete slowly. You could get a good deal on a new one, you may also find an almost new one within your price range.

I love mine... oh, I'm 6', 90 kg, wide in the shoulders, and the seat is not as far back and not as low (adjustible) as possible; you should fit easily.
2011 Honda Insight + HID, LEDs, tiny PV panel, extra brake pad return springs, neutral wheel alignment, 44/42 PSI (air), PHEV light (inop), tightened wheel nut.
lifetime FE over 0.17 Gmeter or 0.1 Mmile.

Investors woes:
"In hindsight, I should have placed a bet on the horse that won the race"
"In hindsight, I should have bet more on that horse"

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