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Originally Posted by California98Civic View Post
Hey gasolinefumes, what function is the solar charger for? Battery? How well does it work for you?
Yeah, it just keeps the big marine battery topped off since the car often sits unused for up to a week. And it makes me feel better about EOC up to my driveway at night. I know the battery will get charged back up before I use the car again. It also should increase my range with the alternator disabled. I've been doing that on short trips lately. The solar panel doesn't put out much power, but it did charge up my old battery from too-dead-to-crank, to normal cranking speed in a few hours of direct sunlight. I've learned to park facing the sun.

This is the one I bought, but sometimes I wonder why I didn't just buy one from Tractor Supply or Harbor Freight that comes fully assembled.

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